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Specialized Apostolates

In the province we have several centres for specialized ministries:

  1. Vikas Deepti, Bargarh: A house for physically challenged children.

  2. Karunalaya Leprosarium, Puri: A rehabilitation Centre, dispensary, Beatrix School for the leprosy patients.

  3. Ishopanthi Ashram, Puri: A Centre of Spirituality, Dialogue and counselling.

  4. Sanskruti Kendra, Sundargarh:  A cultural centre aims at preserving and promoting indigenous cultures.

  5. UPAYA (United Progressive Agricultural Youth Association) Community College, Ramabahal: Caters to the needs of the poor, marginalized and school drop outs. Promotes Women empowerment through Self Help Groups.

  6. SVTI (Sarvodaya Vocational Training Institute), Jujumura: Caters to the unemployed like: tailoring, Carpentry, masonry and Driving.

  7. CWS (Community Welfare Society), Rourkela: Promotes women empowerment through Self Help Groups (SHG). Promotes Kingdom Values among the slum dwellers in Rourkela.  

  8. DTVTI (Dinabandhu Technical and Vocational Training Institute), Jharsuguda: offers vocational training programs in driving, electrical and fabrication.

  9. DSS (Divya Seva Sangh) and JPIC (Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation), Jharsuguda:  Conducts animation and awareness programmes for the tribals and dalits through SHGs.

  10. Biblical Apostolate: Gives priority to the proclamation of the Word of God through different activities.

  11. Saint Arnold’s Vikas Sanchar, Jharsuguda: Spreads good news through media related activities.  It takes up the latest modern methods for the proclamation of the Word and to have dialogue with other religious communities.